Power steering

Christchurch’s leading power-steering repairer.

"Failed a WOF?  Leaking fluids all over the driveway? Difficult to turn your steering wheel?  Chances are your powersteering rack or pump needs attention. A simple visit Specialised Powersteering and we can tell you. We can remove, repair and refit it for you and offer a courtesy car in most cases. There are very few other shops in Christchurch that actually repair powersteering components. 

If your vehicle is at a mechanical repair shop we'll pick up/deliver FREE with all repairs and its warranteed. We deal with all makes and models. We enjoy working closely with mechanics and they have found our prompt and reasonably priced work means faster turnover for them and happy clients. 


Our highly trained and straightforward technicians are doing powersteering units all the time so you can trust that we’re in touch with the latest developments. Our technicians are so trusted we have mechanics who have been coming back to us for years.


Visit us:  at 14 Saxon Street Phillipstown, Christchurch